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AA®3110 Horizontal
Sliding Window & Door

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AA®3110 Horizontal Sliding Window & Door

Special projects need special products and the AA®3110 horizontal sliding window & door is just that – a product designed to meet the needs of any project that requires maximum ventilation, including general healthcare applications and mental health facilities.  The AA®3110 horizontal sliding window & door has been designed to ensure that the needs of the user are paramount with its easy to operate functions and compliance with the HTM 55 regulations.

The unique perforated wrap around gasket design ensures that the gasket cannot be taken out, for potential self harm. The AA®3110 is the product that you can specify with confidence when specifying demanding healthcare projects. The AA®3110 is available as a sliding window or door that can be single or dual colour.

Product Features

  • Unique perforated wrap around glazing gasket
  • Stainless steel track with adjustable wheels
  • Double or single sliding options, including 3 or 4 door options
  • Option for operation from both inside and outside
  • Self regulation ventilator in line with wind pressure
  • Dual colour option
  • Window when open does not project into the building
  • Glazing up to 33mm.  Suitable for specialist and safety glazing and interstitial blinds

With the decisive advantage of…

  • Required when an anti-ligature solution is essential when handling demanding hospital projects
  • Smooth operation designed in line with the end user in mind
  • Total flexibility for all project applications.  The continuous air flow offers the perfect solution for Document F compliance
  • Project solution for balcony applications
  • Ideal to maximise air flow and ensure comfort for the occupants
  • Can specify a different colour finish for inside and outside
  • Ideal when safety is a consideration on a project
  • Even the most demanding projects can be accommodated

Special project support for your healthcare project

Demanding projects need special support and advice.  At Kawneer we have a specialist Specification Team who can give informed advise on your hospital or school requirements, from ventilation to anti-ligature, to ensure the best solution for your particular application.


Weathering is achieved by the use of EPDM gaskets and woolpile.  The window is designed to be pressure equalised and fully drained.

Weather Performance

  • Independently tested at the Building Research Establishment up to the following performace *
  • Air Permeability: Class 3
  • Watertightness: Class 9A 600Pa
  • Resistance to Windload: Class B5