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PF Curtain Wall

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PF Curtain Wall

The PF System is a mullion drained modular curtain wall system, which has been designed so that, when viewed externally, the opening vents and the fixed lights have the same visual appearance.

The system consists of panellised frames that are attached, as fixed lights, opening lights or panel areas, to the curtain wall grids. Alternatively, a structurally glazed version of the system is available, giving the facade an all glass appearance when viewed from the outside, with only a 14mm recessed gap between each pane.

Key Features Include:

  • Drainage via the mullion – no visible drain slots
  • Structurally glazed option
  • Performance in accordance with CWCT recommended methods and tests
  • Extensive range of polyester powder paint and anodised finishes
  • Dry gasket glazing
  • Transoms and mullions which are only seen from the inside, have an internal face of 50mm