brise soliel

AA®130 Brise Soliel System

AA130 Brise Soliel System Introduction

The AA®130 Sunshade with aluminium fixed blades has been designed and developed for all new or existing facades and suites with Kawneer AA®100 /AA®110 Curtain Wall, AA®201 Unit Wall, 451PT and AA®4001 Framing

The AA®130 system offers a range of extruded aluminium sections in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit specific building requirements.

This range of Sunshades makes it possible to limit the building’s solar heat gain and contribute to the thermal performance of the building by –

  • Reducing the energy consumption due to air conditioning
  • Allowing more use of natural ventilation in buildings
  • Limiting direct solar radiation while maintaining internal light levels.

By using the AA®130 Sunshade on the building, you are reducing energy consumption, and thus contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases, promoting a better environment for all.

Provides passive solar control for all glazed facades.

Product features

  • Choice of aerofoil blade size range from 100mm to 400mm.
  • Choice of quarter round blade size range from 100mm to 250mm.
  • Single blade options.
    • 3 angles available – 0°, 22.5° and 45°.
  •  Outrigger and multiple blades options.
    • 3 reaches available- 1000mm, 1500mm, 2000mm.
  • Single colour options.
    • Powder coated, anodised.
  • Suites with the AA®100 /AA®110 and AA®201 Curtain Wall, 451PT and AA®4001 Framing

Reference Documents

ISO 9001           Quality Management System
BS EN 12020     Extruded precision aluminium profiles
BS 3987             Specification for anodic coatings
BS 6496            Specification for powder organic coating


The AA®130 Sunshade consists of aluminium blades, brackets and flanges, supporting arms and connections to the facade.

Surface finishes

Over 130 standard and 31 metallic Kawneer Permacover paint finishes are available. A range of standard and coloured anodised finishes are also available.
The finishes coatings are covered by standard guarantees, 30 years gloss and 30 years matt and metallic and up to 25 years for anodised.