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AA®3572 Sliding Door

AA®3572 Sliding Door Specification

Construction types
2-track and 3 track lifting / sliding system

System construction
AA 3572 is a multi-chamber system depending on construction type with 1, 2 or 3 Insulation zones and is manufactured from high quality aluminium alloys in accordance with the EN AW 6060 T 66 standard.

Insulation zone
Frame profile glass fibre polyamide bars.
Vent profiles with special glass fibre flexible displacement polyamide bars.

Sealing system
Interior and exterior gasket from EPDM.
Construction possibilities for external gasket: glue vulcanized moulded corner with linear gaskets.

Section connections
Punched or pinned connections with special connectors and additional adhesives.

Fitting chamber
Support for lifting and sliding fittings.

Fitting types
Lifting / sliding fittings for vents up to 400kg applicable.

Handle types
Various designs for twist handles and recessed pull handle.

Opening types
Lifting / sliding elements with 1 to 4 sliding vents according to scheme A+D, G+H and C+F.
Further sliding elements can be realised also as 3 track according to scheme E+L.

Construction sizes
Construction sizes up to 3000mm x 3000mm with leaf weight max. 300kg. In connection with tandem roller max. 400kg.

Standard glazing bead options
Glazing beads with blunt corners and metal clips, mounting secured without additional holders in the location groove of the profile.

Softline glazing bead options
Glazing beads with mitred corners and secured in the location groove by means of retaining clips.