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Door Systems

AA®3110 Horizontal Sliding Window & Door

The AA®3110 is designed to meet the needs of any project that requires maximum ventilation, including general healthcare applications and mental health facilities.

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10D Door - Kawneer

10D Door

The 10D Door is suitable for light/medium traffic applications and has been designed to offer flexibility in design, durability and ease of installation.

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AA545 Swing Door System

AA®545 Swing Door

The AA®603TE Tilt Slide is available in a variety of single or double tilt slide combinations and can be single or dual colour.

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AA3572 Sliding Door Specification

AA®3572 Sliding Door

AA 3572 is a multi-chamber system depending on construction type with 1, 2 or 3 Insulation zones.

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AA3720 Folding Sliding Door Installation

AA®3720 Folding Sliding Door

The AA®3720 folding sliding door has been designed to offer optimum weather and thermal performance at a competitive price.

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AA720 Swing Door

AA®720 Swing Door

AA 720 HI is a 3-chamber system and is manufactured from high-quality aluminium alloys in accordance with the EN AW 6060 T 66 standard.

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190 / 350 Door Systems Kawneer

190 / 350 Door Systems

Kawneer design, engineer and manufacture complete door systems for any application.

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